Leila Janah

Founder and CEO, Samasource

Focus Area: Economic empowerment

Leila Janah founded and leads Samasource, a nonprofit connecting underserved and underemployed people living in developing regions to microwork – computer-based tasks that build skills and generate income, and now part of the broader field of impact sourcing. Samasource moved 3,800 workers and their families over the poverty line in under five years and introduced a domestic program, SamaUSA, in 2013. Samasource received the Templeton Freedom Award, the Secretary’s Innovation Award from Hillary Clinton, and the Prix Netexplorateur from the French Senate. Leila received the inaugural Club de Madrid Young Leadership Award, presented by President Bill Clinton. In 2011, Leila co-founded Samahope, a crowdfunding site for medical treatments in developing countries. She received a BA from Harvard and resides in San Francisco.

Samasource delivers enterprise digital services through a unique Microwork™ model that harnesses the untapped potential of the world’s poor.

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