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Meet the 2014 GLG Social Impact Fellows

2014 GLG Social Impact Fellows

The GLG Social Impact Fellow program brings nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs into the GLG Community to learn, always and in real-time, against their most complex operational and developmental challenges.

Rachael Chong

Founder and CEO,

Aaron Fishman

Founder & Director,
East Bali Cashews

Christina Lewis Halpern

Founder and President,
All Star Code

Jake Harriman

Founder and CEO,
Nuru International

Leila Janah

Founder and CEO,

Leticia M. Jáuregui C.

Co-Founder and Executive Director,

Manmeet Kaur

Founder and Executive Director,
City Health Works

Oliver Libby

Chair & Co-Founder,
The Resolution Project

Ben Powell

Founder & CEO,
Agora Partnerships

Zack Rosenburg

Co-Founder and CEO,
St. Bernard Project

Eugenie Teasley

Founder & Chief Executive,

Andrew Yang

Founder and CEO,
Venture for America

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In addition to the GLG Social Impact Fellows program, GLG supports the work of leading nonprofits, foundations, social enterprises and impact funds.

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GLG Convenes 2014 Social Impact Fellows
  • "GLG is a 21st century information platform that puts the expertise of 370,000 world-renowned experts at your disposal… it has been critical to our success."

    - Jim Hake, Founder & CEO, Spirit of America
  • "GLG connected me to true industry experts who provided insights I could not have gained otherwise. No amount of research would have gotten me up to speed as quickly or impactfully as the GLG conversations."

    - Adam Braun, Founder, Pencils of Promise
  • "GLG can help any organization looking to open up its strategic decision making process to a trusted advisory network."

    - Joel Jackson, Founder & CEO, Mobius Motors
  • "GLG allowed us to efficiently access expertise that was critical to making informed strategic decisions, thereby significantly increasing our likelihood of success across several new ventures."

    - Christopher Mossey, PhD, VP for Global Initiatives at The Juilliard School
  • “Our partnership with GLG has sparked internal conversations about becoming a more intentional learning organization.”

    - Laura Clancy, Chief of Staff, Achievement First
  • “GLG has been an invaluable source of hard-to-find expertise that has allowed us to complement our own network and provide valuable insights to our Endeavor Entrepreneurs around the world.”

    - Fernando Fabre, President, Endeavor Global